A gift card is a distinct type of product. Its value can use as payment toward future orders from your online store.

Shopify gift cards are an incredible solution for businesses of all things considered, especially since it makes easy for customers to send gifts to family, friends, and loved ones. Your company can also benefit in some exciting ways using as a business point of view.

Using the Shopify gift card tools instead of creating your own or using a third party is a great way to keep things more planned. Customers can also buy and exchange gift cards online and, if you’re using it, the Shopify POS in store. Everything is linked together for easy tracking and to cut down on fraud.

Shopify gift card is used to boost up a sale for your Shopify store. It’s a great way to make your Shopify store more “gift giver friendly.”

So, here are some steps to activating gift cards features in Shopify which is following:

  1. Go your Shopify Admin Panel and log in to your store.
  2. After Login navigates to Products -> Gift cards section.
  3. You Shopify store you have to click Start selling gift cards on my store. Please remember that this feature is only available in the and Unlimited plan and Professional.
  4. If you created the gift card, then you can either click the Edit Product button to evaluation a full list of your gift card products and edit them or the Manage gift card products button.
  5. Once you made a gift card, by default, it is hidden. When you Click the Gift Card title to make it visible, then review its details.
  6. Check the Shopify store box in the Visibility section. Additionally, you may need to add the gift card to some collection to easily locate it on the website. You can edit the other options as well to fit your needs. When you do all process, then press the save button.

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