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What is Product Price notification app?

Price Notification app notifies the customer when the item comes back in stock, the app sends automatic reminder emails. Shopify notify app shows the alert message. Using price notification app, you may increase sale with automated price change notification.

The price notification App help customers to sign up for a price drop notification on products they wish to purchase. If price drops then this app notifies to Shopify to give alert notification automatically to customers.Using this app you have to get product price alert for customers to get Shopify notification.

In this era, every customer are important to us, Right! then this apps is important for you. Because customer might go without shopping.

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After app installation, visit the app dashboard. You can see bottom right side icon for the chat window.

How Does It Work?

Once you install the app on your site, a Time Period button and Target Price shown up under all the product details pages. Customers click the button to open the form where they can enter their target price and email. Our app monitors the product prices and compares it with customer target prices. As the prices update, same as per clients input then automatically sent an email with a buy now button. You’ve made an extra sale, plus your customer is happy because they could buy the item at the desired price. Shopify notify app allows providing alert notifications on a product page. If prices become lower then, automatically Notify customers of sales.

Some point about the Shopify notify app

  • Emo Perfect apps for your email marketing strategy
  • Price drop notifications sent to the customer
  • Automatically notify customers of sales and offers

Simple and Automated  for Shopify notify app

After you install the app, you don’t have to do anything else. Of course, you can customize the look of your button and match it with your website’s theme. However, the app adds the button for you, captures leads, monitors product prices, sends email alerts, all while you watch new orders come in and continue to achieve your sales goals.

Send Emails Customers Love & Build Loyalty

Customers will love getting alerts from your site through notify app Shopify which are based on the products they’ve told you they want to hear about. Send 1:1 personalized emails and engage with 25% more visitors.

Never Lose A Sale Due To Bad Pricing

Price is a sensitive issue for consumers. Massive sales are lost because of bad pricing. The app reveals the willingness-to-pay point for each product to help optimize for maximum orders.

Measure Demand, Not Just Sales for Shopify notify app

Every store owner needs to know what items do customers most want to buy? Use our dashboard to see product demand trends & quantities to order. Increase profits by knowing rather than guessing demand.

Start boosting sales and increasing average cart value today!

☞ Don’t have an awesome Shopify store already? Get started here!

Enjoy the app and email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

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