Support is the most useful key content for any E-commerce, Shopify store for improving conversion rate and selling for your product. Everyone has a special set of skills as Shopify store owners and professionals. As we grow into our businesses, we realize that we just can’t and should not, do it all.

In this article, Here is some best places to get free and paid shopify support to help you grow your store.

1. Shopify Support

The second most noticeable Shopify support resource, that we all know and increase the conversion rate and selling  Shopify’s support channel. Shopify masters (as they call them) man give services like chats and emails which is coming from 375k merchants from around the world.

They provide critical resources for store owners that’s why they are known as Shopify gurus. They can ask a question as well as answer some relevant questions relevant to your eco-system. If you have any issue, then they solve it.

2. App Development Support – Free/Paid

Before You choose any one app for use, I always suggest sending some pre-selling requests to app teams for help to using of the app. In the theme support, teams provide help their customers with support requests for some certain limit, and that may need extra fees.

Apps always pay for you through the content available to you by your apps teams. When you some app is running to in the challenging situation then, it will not save you time in the long run, to guarantee the app is a good fit.

3. Live Support in your Shopify store.

If you want to grow your Shopify store in selling and improving conversion rate, then also important some live chat support to your store.Using live support customer have any query then asking you to solve their answers for some questions about your Shopify apps.

So, The Live Support gives the best relationship between your store and customer for getting a more sale and improve revenue to your store.

If you use live chat quickly to resolve the problems quickly for your customer, then you can improve sales significantly.

4. Marketing in Pinterest

In this post, We are going through increase your sale using Pinterest. Pinterest uses women mostly which ratio is 70%, who has some reusable income. In Advance, Using the Instagram marketing, you have to drive more traffic to your store using free or paid.

The behavior on Pinterest is similar to scrapbooking wherein customers create boards to collect and save “Pins” according to specific themes. It’s often used to plan events, save interesting articles, and curate wardrobes, so keep that in mind when you consider Pinterest.

From Promoted Pins to Buyable Pins, Pinterest offers a lot of tools that make it easy to market.

5. Shopify Forums — Free

This is also important to use  Shopify forum for improving the conversion rate and grow your Shopify store.

It’s officially the best Shopify forum which is a good place for the customer to helping any query about the Shopify product or app. It is the most valuable Shopify support resources available to you.

Recently, Most of the people use Facebook communities for the marketing of any E-commerce or Shopify store. So, the facebook is my most favorite support channel for Shopify Store. Some bad people add noise to your Facebook experience, make a point to leave some of them.

More than few thousand active members in facebook group are good to get peer-to-peer Shopify support. In that type of group, people share their goal which is great; we also feel the same glories, pains, and emotions. But also remember to be critical of any advice and how-if it applies to your business.

Here are my favorite active, trustable, Facebook support groups for Shopify store owners:

  1. General, wide-ranging support: Shopify Ninja.
  2. Marketing/Scaling: Shopify Strategy
  3. Branding/Marketing: Shopify Brand Academy
  4. Facebook ads: Kingpinning

Also, add in some page which is related on Shopify in the following:

1.Shopify  app Development: Appsonrent Shopify app

2.Shopify: Shopify apps

7. The Theme Developer Support — Paid/Free

Have you bought a theme from the Shopify theme market or any Shopify website? Understand that some Shopify themes are developed by 3rd party theme developers who have cooperated with Shopify to develop an appropriate best quality themes. Shopify also has a great theme development team which offers theme and build through the marketplace or commercial center.

Shopify app builds by third-party companies like (appsonrent,beeketing, pixel or bold e-commerce) or builds by internally at Shopify, after buying and installing a theme which provides accessible Shopify support theme to you. The theme support team used by customers wisely, but in some limit. They will help you to understand what’s limitations of your theme. They provide some wizard for handling setting up your theme options and small configurations up to 5-10 minutes. If they help you with that much type of techniques, then be thankful.

If they feel your request requires extra person-hours, they may ask you for a fee to complete your request.

8. Google-Adwords – Paid

Online advertising with Google AdWords is a standout amongst the best approaches to achieve new customer and develop your business. Although, before you can begin your Shopify business, you’ll have to know how to use Google AdWords effectively to boost the arrival on investment from your promoting spend and don’t make mistakes.