There will be a circumstance when you require to enable or disable password protection on your own, or a customer’s, Shopify store. This may be because the site is still being built and tested, or you need to make a quick change to the theme. Perhaps you’d like to tweak some product collections, or it might be a permanent fixture of your gated wholesale business.

When you are on a free trial of Shopify, your online store is naturally password protected. You can make a custom password and include a message that your clients will see when they go to your store. If you are prepared to launch your store while on the free trial, at that point you should pick a plan before you can remove your online store secret key totally.

You can limit client access to your online Shopify store by enabling or disabling the password page. To keep something special in secret, you can set up your online store password. Therefore, the customers will not be able to access your website to view your products.

To Protect the storefront with a password which is following steps:

1) In order to protect the store front end with the password, navigate to Shopify admin panel and open the Settings -> Online Store tab.

2) Check the Storefront password option. You will see the Password field, you can leave password as it is or replaces it with you need.

enable disable password protection shopify store
3) Disable password protection by unchecking the Storefront password option in Shopify admin panel.

Now you’ve got the hang of how to enable/disable password protection of your store!

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