In the recent scenario, Most of the people use internet on the mobile or personal computer. So, they have to search for anything for their requirement. For Example, people use some fashion website, they want to buy something, but the website’s speed is to slow, then they move to another website.

So, Search engines use site speed as a ranking factor. If your website is slow down, so you can be deficit from getting SERP value cause of slow loading speed. Every website needs to make fast as much as possible. Every people hate slow loading pages, that takes a long time for loading. Most internet users abandon a website that more than 3 seconds to load.
To overcome this page speed test google give an interesting tool which is PageSpeed Insights.
So, This article helps you to care about the Pagespeed Insight tool!!!

Why should you care about page speed?

PageSpeed Insights give reports on the real-world performance of a page for desktop and mobile devices and provide suggestions on how that page may be improved. It also suggests page speed optimization.
Google PageSpeed Insights API asks for a link of the page you want to investigate and then tests the downloading time (either on mobile devices or computers), analyzes the content of the web page, and offers solutions that will speed up its download.
On top of that, they found that the top-ranking sites also had very low bounce rates when compared to second- or third-page results:
There was a big correlation between fast websites and low bounce rates.

Google PageSpeed API determines how to improve the following metrics:

Loading time of a head of the page:

The total time from the instant the page is requested to the time the top of the page shown in the browser.

Load time of the full page:

The total time from the instant when the page request to its full display in the browser window.

How to analyze your mobile and desktop website

In the beginning, If your websites are slow, then it kills the conversion rate. Recognizing that your site might have some technical problems that you can’t see on the surface is the 1st step.
Most of the websites running slow due to some bigger image size which consumes so many spaces.
But for every website, that’s not always the right.
You have to know what’s causing your moderate site speeds before you can make the fundamental improvements to score 100% on the PageSpeed Insights device.
In the beginning, Go to the page speed insights tool and add your website URL into the bar:

why you should care about pagespeed insight s

Click on the “Analysis” button to run google fast test on your website.
Here’s what my report looks like:

optimiza page speed using pagespeed insight tool

In the desktop, it shows 75 out of 100.
It’s not great. It’s not poor also, though.
Major, let’s look at the items that I have optimized and perfected:
Here is some “Optimizations Suggestions” list using page speed insight:

page spped insight tool optimize content

This information tells me that eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in the content, Leverage browser caching and optimize images also preferred for the suggestion.
However, unmistakably, you’ll require to deal with each component to hit 100% on the Page Speed Insights Tool.
Next, we need to test our mobile website independently.
You can use the mobile site tester on the PageSpeed Insights tool, but Google released an updated, more accurate version of this.

Here are some tips for Improving a perfect page speed !!!!!!

Tips for improving a perfect PageSpeed score

Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage browser caching is another tool that can make a major effect with generally little effort when it comes to page speed.
Fetching the resources to load your website takes a ton of power. It needs loading each picture and page component and then dealing with heavy coding and HTML.
Some time Your website’s loading speed is more. So, that customer moves to another site, at that time bounce rate increase for your website.

Minimize your HTML code

Sometimes, Minimizing your HTML code, it takes up a major factor for more ranking Google.
Minification is the process of fixing useless or duplicated data without affecting how a browser will use the HTML.
It involves formatting, fixing code, shortening code when possible removing unused code.
And again, thanks to the awesome plugin options of WordPress, you don’t need to be a coding genius to fix this.

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

This project is implemented by Google to improve mobile page loading speed.
It works by making an open-source format that ribbons away tons of useless content, making your mobile pages load nearly instantly.
It gives users a more efficient experience on mobile without any heavy features that don’t work well on mobile devices.

Optimize Images

If you want to increase your website ranking in google, then you have to optimize large image to small image.
When I check my site that is a big effect on page speed.
So, you have to give alter tag name properly using a long tail keyword for your image
You can optimize image size with the help of some image optimization tool for your website. Image optimization is also given the best result for improving conversion rate and increase revenue for your website.