Delivery Date Schedule

Best for local delivery shipping date and time option

Efficient Delivery

Efficient Delivery Experience

On Time Delivery, let your customers select the date and time that they would like in their orders to deliver. Delivery management app helps you to take the uncertainty out of the order delivery process.

You can add custom CSS along with input and inline calendar display. Shopify delivery date app also deals with the min delivery lead day, you may apply cut-off time on the minimum delivery day. This app is best for local delivery providers or same day delivery options.

Min. Lead Days

Set minimum interval of days between order date and delivery date. Especially for who are not doing same day delivery.

Disable Dates

Control holidays, weekends and weekday time slots to disable dates(weekend, holidays) which customer can’t pick.

Apply Cut-Off Time

This option is for who wants Same-day & Next-day delivery with cut-off time. It will hide the time slots after cut-off time

Order Limits

Limit the orders for a time slots. Enter the number of orders to be set the limits. Ti’ll hide tome slot after order limit achieved.

Custom TimeZone

Select your preferred timezone and let the customer choose the delivery date and time according to your settings.

Padding Time

Set before padding time for orders and get the extra time to prepare the order after selecting the delivery from customers.

What are the app features?

  • Fully Customizable
  • Set the minimum interval of days
  • Maximum Available Days
  • Select Preferred date format and timezone
  • Flexible delivery schedule
  • Add time slot availability
  • Add note before and after the time slot
  • Multi-language supported
  • Limit orders for the days in all time slots
  • Show delivery details in order details
DDS - App Features


One-stop solution to win your customer’s hearts

Make your customers feel special by allowing them to choose delivery date and time according to their convenience through the Delivery Date Schedule app on your store.


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