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On Time Delivery, let your customers select the date and time that they would like in their orders to deliver. Delivery management app helps you to take the uncertainty out of the order delivery process.

You can add custom CSS along with input and inline calendar display. Shopify delivery date app also deals with the min delivery lead day, you may apply cut-off time on the minimum delivery day. This app is best for local delivery provider or same day delivery option.

Feature We Provide

Minimum Delivery Lead Days

Set minimum interval of days between order date and delivery date. Especially for who are not doing same day delivery.

Disable Dates

Control holidays, weekends and weekday time slots to disable dates(weekend, holidays) which customer can't pick.

Apply Cut-Off Time

This option is for who wants Same-day & Next-day delivery with cut-off time. It will hide the time slots after cut-off time

Order Limits With Time Slots

Limit the orders for a time slots. Enter the number of orders to be set the limits. Ti'll hide tome slot after order limit achieved.

What This App Offers

  • Fully Customizable
  • Set minimal interval of days
  • Maximum Available Days
  • Select Preferred date format and timezone
  • Flexible delivery schedule
  • Add time slot availability
  • Add note before and after time slot
  • Multi-language supported
  • Limit orders for the days in all time slots
  • Show delivery details in order details

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Frequently asked questions

Ajaxify (drawer) will not work with this app and will work only on the full cart page.

When you select timezone in admin setting then date picker will work according to time zone value and time slots according to date.Because different time zone have different time and date.

By default it has zero (0) days. It means you can process same day delivery.If you add minimum delivery days then it will add number of days to current date and order delivery will start from that days.

For eg:- It is 1st Jan today and you have set 2 delivery days then it will show 3th of Jan for order delivery.

If you have set minimum delivery days and any date or day is disabled or non working days then it will add to minimum delivery days. (if you checked the option of including holidays).

For eg:-It is 3rd March today and you have set 4 delivery days and Sunday is non working day for you then it will add 5 days to today’s date and available date for order delivery will be 8th March.

This option is used to set holiday and non working days to the store.

Cut-off time means you have working day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and you want to get order for same day delivery till 4.00 PM.By selecting this option will not allow to get order delivery after 4.00 PM and will hide the time slots for the day and next date is enable.

If cut-off time is not enabled then it will works as usual and time slots will be hide according to current time.

This option allow you to get order delivery till number of days.

For eg:-If you want only number of days max order delivery in advance then you have to set number of days from current date. After number of days it will not show the enable date in calendar for order delivery.

Sorry, you can’t sort the orders by the delivery date. We already sorting the data by order ID and name.

You can do this action from two different menus.

First, For this you need to go Order Listing -> All Order Tab

Second, For this you need to go Calendar and click on event to edit the details.

For this you need to select Time Format -> Slot wise in Time Settings.

Enter the slots for working days.

Just next to each end time slot, there is a checkbox to enable order limit and input field to enter number of orders to limit for that slot.

When order limit reaches to end, time slot will automatically disappear from drop for the particular date.

At the time of app installation, App does not have permission to access order listing.

This works after you approve the scope of app.

After approval of scope, app can access orders of your store and start listing.

For this you need to select Order Listing -> All Order Tab

To edit order for delivery date and time,click on edit button allied to order.

A popup will be shown to edit the order detail. Fill the details and save it.

Sorry, Our app only offer you to give option for select delivery date. There is no relation with shipping charge.

For eg:-it is 3rd March today and you have set 4 delivery days and Sunday is none working day for you then it will add 5 days to today’s date and available date for order delivery will be 8th March.

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